Step #1

Don’t wait until the last minute to write the card – unless you love a deadline!

Step #2

Use scrap paper for the next few steps.

Step #3

Think about all the happy memories you have with this person.

  • How do you feel when you think about them?
  • How do they make you feel when you’re around them?

Step #4

Here’s where you can think about all the things you love about this person, things that make you laugh, favourite memories.

  • What do you find inspiring about them?
  • Can you list three positive words you would use to describe them to a friend?

Step #5

This step is all about things that are obvious to you, but not to them.

  • What do you wish for your recipient (happiness, success, healing)?
  • What do you hope they know about themselves that you can see easily (are they thoughtful, determined, a go-getter)?

Step #6

Compile a few sentences that will really make them smile.

  • Start off with what you wish for them on this day they’re celebrating. Refer to Step 5 to help here.
  • Bring in a boost of confidence using those words or phrases about what you find inspiring about them from Step 4.
  • End off your message with your hope for them in the following months or year using some sayings you came up with in Step 5 or something on a whim!
  • This is a great place to include a bit about how they make you feel, how they make your life better, how grateful you are for them.

Step #7

Just write from your heart and don’t overthink it. This is from you, so just trust yourself that you’ll be able to express your thoughts and love and that’s all that matters.

When in doubt think about what you would love to hear and share that. Don’t be afraid to express vulnerability or say I love you.

You’ve got this!