Step #1

Don’t wait until the last minute to write the card – unless you love a deadline!

Step #2

Use scrap paper for the next few steps.

Step #3

Start writing!

Prompt #1

May this day be filled with laughter, fun and memories just like that time we …

This is a great one if you’re close with your recipient but can’t for some reason spend this year’s birthday celebrating with them.

Use this line to get into a fun birthday memory and why it was so fun. Did you learn about the recipient because of this day? Did this day bring you closer? What was so memorable about it?

Prompt #2

You’ve done so many amazing things this year, like [thing one], [thing two] and [thing three] and I know the year is going to be full of many more joyous memories

Use this prompt to help job some inspiration about how proud you are of your recipient and the things they’re up to in their life. Do they inspire you? Do you feel they know how awesome they even are? Tell them!

Prompt #3

This year, you’re going to [enter milestone] and I couldn’t be happier for you to embark on this new adventure …

The prompt is perfect for those heading into a milestone year. Are they getting a driver’s license, starting post-secondary education? Having a baby? Getting married? These are great ways to slide in some inspirational words (if you’ve been there, done that) and other notes of encouragement.

Careful not to get too preachy here though as this prompt can sometimes lead to that. Ensure you’re practicing this one on a scrap piece of paper, first!

Prompt #4

When I tell people about knowing you, I couldn’t feel prouder. You are simply the best

Make sure you continue with the prompt and explain why you think the recipient is the best! Make it super personal (don’t be afraid – you can do it!), and think about when you do tell people about knowing you – what is it you say? Why do you choose to surround yourself with them? How do they make you feel?

Prompt #5

Thank you for another year of friendship [or enter relationship here]. I truly cherish every thing you’ve taught me about myself and life …

This is a prompt for someone who’s really interested in digging deep and getting vulnerable with the recipient. Perfect for parents, siblings, best friends, significant others.

Think about a few experiences with them that have shaped the way you feel/think about something. How has their presence in your life benefitted you and helped you along your life’s journey?

There you have it. Short and sweet, but get started on these and your creative juices will really get flowing.